Something is changing in the 20s.

New ways of working. New attitudes. New systems.

20something is a creative company set up to explore these.

We plug in. We plug out. We remove silos.

Strategy. Brand. Design. Advertising. 


Are independent. So we can say yes to things we want and no to things we don’t. End each day with one question: did we make each other better? Are on a mission to put more of the budget into the work. Want to make work that people actually want to see. Truly believe twenty heads is all we need to do it. Are a space for creative people to be creative. Are a door for clients to access them. Have lives and want to have lives. Don’t believe in “departments”. Are an ego-free environment. Hire people who scare us .
1st floor
109 –111 Farringdon Road

020 7637 9895