Spotlighting Daniel Ricciardo with EA SPORTS, Formula 1

Netflix’s Drive To Survive launched Formula 1 to millions of people all over the world. People whose take on F1 was ‘it’s just cars racing around a track’ all became gripped by a dramatic series that told the personal stories of the drivers behind the cars. 

EA SPORTS wanted to push this new interest in F1 athletes beyond Netflix and into the world of gaming. They reached out looking to create a mini-series that took the view up close and personal to the sport’s biggest stars.

“After the Apex”, a content series we created in collaboration with KODE, celebrates the people behind famous F1 athletes, providing the texture and juice of their personal stories; the narratives that were getting millions of views over on Netflix.

The first episode went big, covering the Italian Grand Prix winner, and Drive To Survive super star, Daniel Ricciardo. We’re invited up close and personal with Daniel’s love for danger, going all the way back through his thrill-seeking childhood.

We enter an abstract, psychedelic world, as the film uncovers what made, and what makes, Daniel Ricciardo an elite athlete, whilst connecting the content to the F1 game.

To connect the After the Apex’s unique visual identity with the game, we designed a suite of in-game elements in collaboration with Daniel, giving him his own brand within F1 2021. 

Included was an unlockable F1 car livery that players could access with that season’s Podium Pass, incentivising people to immerse themselves in Daniel’s world. 

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