Painting Car Insurance Marshmallow Pink

Marshmallow was set up in 2018 to rethink insurance, prompted by a motivation to create a more inclusive, data-led approach. Their point of difference is ensuring drivers pay for the insurance they personally need, not for insurance premiums historically inflated by how others drive.

We had a lot to communicate, but our challenge forced us to say little: The insurance giants completely dominated the comparison sites, where nearly all insurance policies are found and taken out. Anything we communicated would have been a whisper in a crowd of booming voices.

Salience was key to winning on the aggregators. We needed to make the Marshmallow brand iconic so that people would recognise and trust the postage stamp icon on the aggregator. 

Cue ‘Marshmallow is here’, a campaign built to look nothing like a traditional insurance brand.

With the goal of putting the brand at the front of consumers’ minds and building memory structures, we developed an iconic TOV through a run of joyous billboards that pushed Marshmallow’s signature bright pink into the world.

We also created a series of surreal TVCs. The films see different groups of drivers going about their lives. The fact that their vintage cars are full to the brim with (over 52,000) marshmallows has either escaped their notice or perhaps they’re just completely at peace with their car insurance.

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+ 7% increase in brand awareness

Searches for ‘marshmallow insurance’ increased by 24.9% vs. 9 weeks pre-campaign - an 83.4% improvement vs. the market.

12m audience impacts

Thank you

Big thanks to Harry Cauty, Kode, the beautiful cast, and to each of the 52,000 marshmallows. We couldn’t have made these 20(SOMETHING) favourites without them.