The Woolmark Company

Getting people to Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel

Wool is falling out of fashion. By 2030, less than 1% of our clothes will be made of this fully circular fibre. 80% will be synthetic, made from crude oil.

For The Woolmark Company, the 60,000 Australian wool farmers they represent, and the planet, we needed to get people to choose wool when they went clothes shopping.

We plunged people into an Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with thick, black oil. All over their skin, coating their hair, their faces and covering their eyes, taking a rational fact - the 350 million barrels of oil used in the production of synthetic fibres each year - and turning it into an emotional, visceral, revolting feeling.

Every executional decision was designed to build a clothes = fabric = impact mental connection. To really bring this home, we rebranded synthetic clothing as “fossil fuel fabric,” creating a dissonance we hoped would lodge in people’s minds.

We needed people to comprehend the scale of the problem, so we found media sites that were as close as we could get to the actual size of an Olympic pool. We brought our campaign to life in 3D in Piccadilly and Times Square.

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+ 13% increase in consideration for wool in the UK

+ 8% increase in consideration for wool in the US

79% of viewers said the ad made them think twice about the environmental impact of clothes

+ 2% increase in claimed wool purchase in UK and FR

75% wool purchase intent across all the edits

78% of viewers said this advert would make them consider fabric when buying clothes

197 media titles picked up the story across the world

193m people reached globally

Thank you

Big love to Park Village and Studio Birth Place for carrying the torch with us to create The Woolmark Company’s all-time most effective and most internally loved piece of work. Here’s to the next one…