Branding The World’s new economy.
Visual Identity

The token economy is set to boom, allowing anyone to tokenise and invest in anything. While it's already big in small circles, its mainstream appeal is entirely overshadowed by the complex, jargon-filled crypto world. ’s mission is to go beyond ROI and help people grasp the unlimited potential of tokenisation. They exist to make investing in what truly matters more accessible and relatable, with a UX closer to Tinder than traditional trading exchanges.

We collaborated with tech developers to build their brand and product from the ground up. One that supported their unique proposition and empowered an audience beyond the Web3 niche to start collecting tokens they genuinely care about.

The headline-grabbing crypto world had created two main (false) assumptions our audience was making: tokenisation was complicated and all about making money.

This meant that while the brand needed to establish trust, our priority was creating a space that felt welcoming and fun. We also needed to expand peoples’ view of 's potential. It's not just about ROI. With tokenisation, anything could be invested in; a community initiative, a charity, an eco-project, a local cafe.

We landed at a consumer-facing proposition addressing these: Invest With Intent. This line reimagines what investing can mean, while feeling safe, helping us shift the mainstream perception from stab-in-the-dark picking lottery numbers, towards values-led investing in projects and ideas you care about.

When it came to design, we dropped all the crypto trappings, replacing the numerical, graphical world of web3 with soft colours and faces. Our starting point was the technological turning point of the 60s space race.

We chose a font inspired by classic sci-fi book covers of this era and accompanied it with a simple logo mark that doubled as an expressive brand character called Ken [noun; knowledge, understanding or cognisance].

Ken guides visitors through the new world of tokenisation, captured by a suite of rich and vibrant illustrations by Bertrand Aznar. Together we created a familiar yet aspirational, future-focused universe, striking a balance that would empower our audience. It's not science fiction, it's science fact; and it's not scary.

Bringing all of this together, we partnered with ON to build the app and web experience inspired by the philosophy of "Intent"; ensuring we optimised for quick and easy learning, helping the user make considered, informed choices instantly.

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Thank you

Shoutout to the team at ON who helped us bring's dream to life, and to Bertrand, whose illustrations created a sci-fact universe that we want to explore and hang out in. With their smarts, we delivered a beautiful experience for all future token collectors.