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Breaking climate crisis inertia with OVO Energy

OVO Energy led the green energy revolution in 2009, but within 10 years, the big five had caught up and were rendering OVO’s USP not so unique with climate-conscious tariffs and promises of green-tech revolutions.

By this time, the early adopters and hardcore climate-conscious customers had long been signed up to "green-energy." To the growth audienc, we needed to acquire, it was more expensive than fossil fuel, and the promise of helping them help the planet - in the face of austerity - didn’t feel tangible.

We embraced this challenge and set about asking ourselves the question that sits at the heart of it all: "How can we get people out of their climate inertia and get them to care about where their energy comes from?"

"The greatest threat we face is not climate change, but the helplessness we feel in the face of it." Inspired by this tweet from a 20-year-old climate activist, we helped OVO Energy develop a members-first campaign platform built to create a sense of ‘collective people power’ and combat this feeling of helplessness.

Terrified by what they couldn't do, people were overlooking what they could do. They were disempowered. However, the truth is there is a lot we can each do to address the climate emergency, with our homes accounting for 26% of our carbon footprint.

We would show people that, with OVO Energy leading the charge, even the smallest of actions, and some larger ones, could add up to impactful, positive, visible change. We would show them that they weren't alone, but part of a bigger group of people who were also putting positive change before a few pounds and pence and who rejected the notion that the individual can't make an impact on the whole. Together, we would hold a powerful mirror up to the world to demonstrate "What We Can Do."

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