Calling out 2019 General Election spin

With our eye on the last general election campaign, it was impossible to ignore the spin, lies, slander, and accusations from every political party.

How can the UK form its best possible government if everyone is being fed strongly spun narratives? Democracy is useless if voters are held back from clean, unbiased information about potential candidates.

Policies vs. Politics was designed with accessibility and balance in mind, two themes conveniently left out of the parties' yarn-spinning official manifestos. 

A bold, full-caps sans-serif font in Timmons NY was used, along with a navigation system that created easy-to-follow signposting. Titles were supported by uncomplicated, colour-coded body copy.

20(SOMETHING) Designers Rory Stiff and Casey Highfield built a collective of young creatives to distribute this free tabloid paper at underground stations all over London on the eve of the election, .

The team took it upon themselves to curate, design, and print a non-biased compilation of political party manifestos during the 2019 general election, hoping to help the public make informed decisions about the future of British governance.

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  • Over 10,000 copies distributed across London
  • Awarded Winner status for Editorial Design in Design Week and The Drum Design awards 2020.

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