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Visual Identity

The News Movement is a next-generation news business set up by former Wall Street Journal publisher Will Lewis and former BBC News editorial director Kamal Ahmed

The company was built to solve the undersupply of trusted, credible news, focusing on reaching a younger generation in the places they spend their time. To defeat misinformation, TNM delivers news-to-knowledge content that feels socially native and peer-to-peer.

TNM needed a visual identity that would appeal to the ever-evolving tastes of their audience, communicate their principles of transparency and simplicity as well as work across all their owned and earned channels, helping to build brand attribution and memory structures.

TNM was set up to help people see things differently, by publishing fresh viewpoints and perspectives. As a result, strong themes of shapeshifting and evolution sit at the core of their brand.

Capturing these themes and positioning TNM against the traditional world of static news outlets, we designed a system built around a distinctive, dynamic mark - part speech bubble, part window into the world.

The “window” moves and flexes, illustrating the brand’s contemporary, conversational approach to disrupting the sluggish, biased news cycle.

We paired this marque with a vibrant palette led by an ownable bright green, pulling the brand out of its black and white category and sitting it amongst the high-energy spaces our audience hangs out in.

These elements can be dialled-up or down based on what is needed. Whether it’s a big brand campaign, or to quietly support some more sensitive content. 

TNM’s content is written, directed and presented by a team of young journalists. Our graphical design system was purpose-built to provide a platform for them to produce highly engaging content around news, as it happens.

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  • Since secured $1.25m investment for 4% of the company, valuing the company at over $30m
  • Following beta-phase success, expanded to cover the US
  • Acquired US news outlet Recount in January 2023

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