Seven Clean Seas

Rejecting sustainable branding clichés
Visual Identity

78 million tonnes of plastic flows into our oceans every year. Seven Clean Seas (SCS) was set up in 2018 to combat this issue by mobilising volunteers and corporates to support beach clean-ups.

They needed to match their early success with a new outfit. A brand identity that set them apart from the conventional sea of blues and surf references. One that accompanied their expanding remit, suited their ambitious fundraising targets and provided the tools to develop B2B partnerships.

Starting with a single marque, we created a brand identity inspired by our ocean’s currents. We also developed icons for each of the six parts of their business, including donation and education. 

The near-neon-yellow rejects sustainable branding clichés, pairing the alarm of hazard signs with the reassurance of high-vis workwear. 

Not only did this colour swim against the tide of aquamarine, surf-inspired ‘for-oceans’ brands, it also induces a feeling of safety while alerting people to the urgent work required to clean our oceans. 

Since most of SCS's social content was created during clean-ups, we constructed a new social media toolkit designed with in-field functionality in mind.

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  • Since the rebrand, SCS has pulled 1 million kg of plastic from our oceans, developed ground breaking ‘river cleaners’ and has opened a huge material recovery facility in Indonesia, one of the worst affected areas on Earth.

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