A homage to sofas with Swyft

Swyft is a predominantly D2C brand designing and delivering clever, beautiful furniture. 

We met them when their business was growing fast, the perfect time for them to move beyond performance and into ATL. 

Knowing how disruptive their products were to the category, we knew we were working with a brand that deserved an equally disruptive launch campaign. We were set on making a sofa campaign that was unlike a sofa campaign.

Swyft sofas have so many unique selling points (such as 24-hour delivery, comes in a box, self-assembly and stain-resistant coverings) that we weren't sure where to focus first. Naturally, we turned to research. 

After speaking with people from all over the country, we discovered that when it comes to a significant purchase like a sofa, beauty trumps practicality every time. 24-hour delivery didn’t matter if what was being delivered didn’t look amazing. 

The campaign, titled Beautiful Living, positions Swyft sofas as the icon of the living room, celebrating them as the beautiful statement piece that our audience had been dreaming of.

The vibrant, kinetic film stands out from the competition, injecting energy into shots that are typically slow and uneventful. Fast cuts, interesting angles, and the inclusion of a bespoke two-metre-high stool built by the Swyft team for the production give an even more dream-like feel to the imagined new life a potential new sofa could bring.

With the film showcasing the beauty of Swyft sofas, we utilised cut-downs and stills to incorporate and celebrate all of the unique selling points across social media.

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  • 27% increase in brand search
  • 35% sales uplift (total of £11.7M)
  • Manufacturing cycle increased its footprint
  • Swyft team almost doubled

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